About Us

Who Are the Widows Sons?

The Widows Sons MRA is a part of the worldwide Masonic brotherhood. We are good men, brothers, who love to ride Motorcycles.  We are a Masonic (Motorcycle) Riders Association (MRA).

We are NOT a Motorcycle Club (MC) nor 1%ers.

All members must be Proficient Master Masons in good standing with their Blue Lodge. Which means our members are already unanimously approved and tested Brothers of arguably the biggest and oldest fraternity the world has known.

Each of our Chapters falls under its own State Grand Chapter and is separate from other grand chapters and their subordinate chapters. Being a worldwide brotherhood we wear state rockers above our patch to identify the Grand Chapter to which we belong but make no claims on any territory.  Our lower rocker identifies our local chapter membership.

Since the Widows Sons was founded our brotherhood has grown worldwide spanning from the United States, Canada, Ireland, UKJapan, Scotland, Australia, and Mexico just to name a few.

Our purpose is to;

promote fellowship, safe motorcycling, and unity among brother master masons who ride motorcycles.

Introduce Freemasonry to the world of motorcycling.

to introduce the world of motorcycling to Freemasonry.

It is the objective of each chapter to establish a fund for the relief of distressed worthy brothers, their widows and orphans within the boundaries of their jurisdiction.

Our Patch incorporates more Masonic symbolism into the design, as we are a Masonic Riding Association.

  • The stone pyramid represents the 3 degrees of Masonry.

  • The 3 points of the pyramid represent the 3 Lesser Lights which are a part of the furnishings of every Masonic Lodge.

  • The All-Seeing-Eye represents the watchfulness of the Great Architect of the Universe. It reminds us that we are always being watched or observed, and to govern ourselves accordingly.

  • Within the pyramid are the Jewels; the Square, Plumb, and Level.

  • The Rising Sun at the apex of the pyramid represents that there are Masonic Lodges in all points of the globe. It can truly be said that “the sun never sets on Freemasonry”.

  • The wings represent personal freedom and liberty which is an ideal Freemasons have embraced since the beginnings of our ancient and noble fraternity.

  • “Meet on the level & Part upon the square” are to remind our non-riding brethren that the Widows Sons are Masons above all, and we should be greeted and treated as such.

  • The Widows Sons text is red, representative of passion, and reflects our passion towards Freemasonry, the Widows Sons organization, and sport motorcycling.

Our Officers

Dave "Devil" Durman

Dave "Devil" Durman

President (1st 5)

Paul "Lestat" McFadden

Paul "Lestat" McFadden

Vice President (1st 5)

Chris "Tiny" Hinkel

Chris "Tiny" Hinkel

Secretary (1st 5)

meet us


2nd Sunday of every month.

Generally we meet at the Montgomery Cornerstone Masonic Hall in Rockville, MD, but it's best to check. 


Presidents Phone

+(1) 301 221 9192